Los Carneros/Calle Real Roundabout

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Watch our one minute video that shows the 16 weeks from start to finish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w9li-RXmUI&sns=em.

This City installed a roundabout at the intersection of Los Carneros and Calle Real. This included grading, paving, landscaping, street lighting and related sidewalk improvements.

This was a three leg intersection. The traffic control at this intersection had been a STOP on the minor leg (Calle Real) with unrestricted flow on the major leg (Los Carneros). An elevated concentration of side impact collisions at this intersection necessitated a change to a three way STOP to improve public safety.

The upcoming (2014) Las Vegas/San Pedro Creek Culvert Replacement Project will require a full closure of the northbound Fairview Avenue on ramp to HWY 101 for at least a year, and a full closure of the southbound off ramp at Fairview Avenue for six months. At minimum, a temporary traffic signal would have needed to be installed to handle the additional traffic at the Los Carneros/Calle Real intersection created by the ramp closures. A roundabout is in keeping with the General Plan’s direction to install roundabouts instead of traffic signals where feasible.

Funding for this project was provided through a combination of Goleta Transportation Improvement Program (GTIP) funds and State and Local Partnership Program (SLPP) grant funds.

The roundabout was completed in November 2013.