Functional Street Classifications

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General Plan Amendment to Transportation Element Figure 7-2: Functional Street Classification and Key Intersections Map and Related Transportation Element Policies

Public Meetings

On December 10, 2018, the Planning Commission adopted a Resolution recommending  that the City Council adopt a General Plan Amendment to the Transportation Element, as detailed below.


The General Plan Transportation Element includes Figure 7-2: Functional Street Classification and Key Intersections (Figure 7-2). Figure 7-2 includes a street classification for each roadway in the City. The four classes included on Figure 7-2 are Local Streets, Major Collectors, Minor Arterials, and Major Arterials and reflect street conditions as of November 2009. These four classes are each described in a subpolicy of Policy TE 3 (TE 3.3 - 3.6). 


The General Plan Amendment (GPA) includes changes to the classification of streets within the City as shown in the map above in green which would be updated on Figure 7-2. The new classifications better reflect the true function of these streets and allow the City to post and enforce the appropriate speed limits and help ensure public safety.