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Goleta Traffic Safety Study

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The City applied for a Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP) grant. Following receipt of the grant, the project will address ongoing safety concerns for eleven specific corridors in the City. The project will review specific crash locations in greater detail for roadway/intersection attributes that are common to all corridors within the project study area. The project will also identify locations which are experiencing unusually high pedestrian and bicycle collisions, what roadway features are contributing to these collisions and where similar characteristics occur in the identified corridors.Goleta Traffic Safety Study

Purpose and Need

The SSARP is designed to assist local agencies with preparing studies specifically evaluating Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Challenge Areas. The purpose is to take a proactive safety approach evaluating an entire roadway network as opposed to individual high-collision site analysis.

“A systemic analysis acknowledges that crashes alone are not always sufficient to prioritize countermeasures across a system. This is particularly true for many local streets and highways in rural areas with low volumes where crash densities tend to be low and there are few high crash locations, and in urban areas where vehicles interact with vulnerable road users (pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles)” (Caltrans SSARP Guidelines, February 2016). The resulting study will be referenced as the supporting document for grant applications such as the Highway Safety Improvement Program and Active Transportation Program.

Strategic Plan Goals

Strengthen infrastructure and maintain a safe community.

Funding Sources

This project is funded through a Systemic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP) State Grant and General Funds.

Current Phase

The project will be entering the preliminary engineering phase.



James Winslow, Senior Project Engineer

(805) 961-7577